Over a 100 million people suffer from climate related disasters every year. You can help the most vulnerable affected by the climate crisis. Buy a gift or swish any amount!

Swish 900 80 95

Disaster Package options 

Help for one

133 SEK

Contains blanket, food and water for one person for a month

(Content may vary depending on location and situation.)

Disaster Package


667 SEK

Contains blankets, food and water for five people for one month 

(Content may vary depending on location and situation.)

Heating blanket

60 SEK

People affected by disasters often live in tents, sheds or unfinished houses where the cold easily penetrates.

Emergency food for children

300 SEK

The lack of food is acute for many children in disasters.

We can distribute 100 bags of nutritious nut cream that can save the lives of malnourished children.

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